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All Features & Specs
Packaging:  Pouches 
Preparation:  Just Add Water 
Total Servings:  15 
Calories:  4,370 
Reconstitution Time:  5-10 min. 
Foods:  Entrees 
Pouches Included: 
Shelf Life:  10 Years


SKU:  FD0396 
Preservation Method:  Freeze-Dried 
Net Weight of Contents:  1.9 lbs (0.86 kg) 
Brand:  Mountain House 
Packaging:  Pouch 
Total Servings:  7.5 
Total Calories:  2,185 
Estimated Shelf Life:  10 Years 
Dimensions (LxWxH):  10.2" x 5.2"x 6" 
Food Type:  Main Entrees 
Storage Requirements:  Click to read
Calories/Day:  2,185
Breakfast (4 Servings):
(2) Breakfast Skillet  
Entrees (11 Servings):
(2) Spaghetti with Meat Sauce - 5 Servings
(2) Rice & Chicken - 6 Servings
10 Yr Shelf-Life | Little to No Prep Required | 48 Hour Supply

Don’t let food storage be an inconvenience
6 convenient pouches stand up and double as cookware and your dishes, keep from getting everything dirty!High Utility and Shelf life
These Mountain House pouches have a 10 year shelf-life and can be used for anything from backpacking to emergency preparedness!Be prepared for what life may throw at you
Having a 48 hour supply is an absolute necessity and means that you’ll always have a backup plan for the unknown.Freeze Dried benefits!
100% freeze-dried foods mean that you never have to cook your food on a stove—just add hot or cold water and eat!You will be prepared for the next emergency with the Mountain House 48-Hour Emergency Meal Kit. A complete 48 hour food kit of Mountain House freeze dried foods in pouches will be easily accessible when you need it. The Kit consists of three full meals a day. This supply starts you and your family off on the road to disaster preparedness and gives you the satisfaction of knowing you won't go hungry in an emergency.

Mountain House, like Saratoga Farms offers quality and great taste. Freeze-Dried foods offer many advantages over dehydrated foods including better taste and longer shelf-life. In addition to that, freeze-drying locks in the freshness, vitamins, nutrients, color, and aroma of fresh frozen foods at the same time providing a shelf-stable product that will last for years. 

All the contents of a Mountain House pouch are freeze dried to allow for a 10 year shelf life. Mountain House has also tested the pouches 30 years after the manufacture date and they were still safe to eat.

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